Local Area

Interested by culture? Discover our historical regional legacy and its many surprises. The hotel is the ideal base to explore cultural attractions and the mainstay historic hotspots in Auvergne.  Link

In the very heart of the Livradois-Forez national park, the hotel is in the striking part of this peaceful reserve. Moreover, there is plenty of choice within easy hiking distance to explore the volcanoes in the well-known Volcanoes National Park of Auvergne. Link


If you love good food, then you are in for a treat in Auvergne – it truly is a foodie destination with something authentic for everyone. Of course, Auvergne has its own flavours and dishes mostly composed with cheese, delicatessen, wine and sweet delicatecies. If that does take your fancy, then Puy-de-Dôme is the right place for you to be in.