• Clermont-Ferrand


Abbey Church of la Chaise-Dieu:

Founded in the 11th Century, the Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu was closed down in 1790 during the Revolution. Subsequently, the Abbey church became the Parish church. The Abbey Church of Saint-Robert is the parish church of La Chaise-Dieu and therefore all religious services taking place here have precedence over tours of the Abbey, whether these are guided tours or private visits.


Le Puy-en-Velay: 

Puy-en-Velay and the region await you for an unforgettable stay right at the heart of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Wide-open spaces, wellness and activities on offer in a preserved environment. So breathe in the fresh air and enjoy Velay! Immerse yourself in the world of Velay! See the most beautiful monuments, visit the most charming villages, taste the top specialities. In Velay, you will enjoy a holiday featuring a unique heritage, flamboyant nature and an exceptional quality of life.

The abbey church of St-Austremoine :

The abbey church of Saint-Austremoine is a Romanesque church dating back to the late 11th and early 12th centuries. It is the largest Romanesque church in Lower Auvergne and one of the most important buildings of the southern Puy-de-Dôme region.


Vulcania, theme park for exploring volcanoes and the planet Earth, is a unique place to have fun and discover the secrets of volcanism. Located in Auvergne in the heart of the Chaîne des Puys volcanoes, 20 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand, the amusement park welcomes you for a fun adventure.

Richard-de-Bas Mill:

Located at 20min. from Ambert, this unique museum will bring you back to the time when paper used to be made with a paper mill in the 15thcentury. You will learn how to make paper and bring home your production as a souvenir.



Situated on the edge of the Massif du Sancy and the Les Puys range, and nestled in a cool valley fed by the Sioulet, Orcival is a must for visitors. The main attraction of this delightful mountain village with its lauze roofs is its superb Romanesque Basilique Notre-Dame-des-Fers. Founded by the monks of La Chaise-Dieu, it houses a beautiful and highly venerated Virgin in Majesty.


Chateau de Murol:

From atop its basalt outcrop facing the Massif du Sancy in the heart of Auvergne, the Château de Murol commands a magnificent panoramic view over the surrounding plains. Founded in the 12th century, this mighty fortress has withstood many attempts at a siege. Thanks to a presentation that stages and depicts the everyday life of a castle lord, it is today the living account of a prosperous seigneurial way of life.

The Cornadore caves:

During the 1stcentury, the Romans built in these caves unique thermal baths with different temperatures. The museum proposes you to discover this unique labyrinth.

 Michelin museum:

L’Aventure Michelin reveals the living history of a product and a brand that has always kept up with the times. At the centre of the journey is the familiar, jovial figure of the Michelin Man. A figure that symbolises Michelin: close to the public, constantly evolving, but remaining true to its values. The Michelin Group’s museum in Clermont-Ferrand is a fun, interactive experience in a setting that embarks young and old alike on a novel adventure. Yesterday’s experience is the bedrock for tomorrow’s progress: the epic Michelin story is being written here and now.

The Thiers cutlery:

The museum retraces the history of knife making in Thiers from its beginnings as a craft until it was industrialised. The 700 items on display bear witness to the expertise of the knife-makers, the wide range of shapes and sizes and how they changed with the different lifestyles, techniques and materials.