with mind-blowing volcanic landscapes, an exceptional flora and remarkable fauna, to enjoy this exceptional nature, nothing is better than a hike. Please find more information on 


Reach the top of the Puy-de-Dôme

two possibilities to reach the highest volcano in the Chaîne des Puys mountain range, the first one will challenge you by hiking through the pilgrim Muletiers’ way, approx. 45 min. starting from the Col de Ceyssat; the second one is the Panoramic train of the Domes’ Panoramic train.


discover the several ski stations in Puy-de-Dôme, including the Super-besse station and its 27 ski tracks, the Le Mont-Dore (16 tracks) and cross-country ski in Parrot and Pessade.


On foot, on bike or on a horse, everyone can choose its hike! MAKA WAKAN is a horse-riding centre located in Marsac-en-Livrdois. It proposes horse riding, outings on horseback, courses and training, guided tours, and beginners’ course!


Paradglinding :

 discover paragliding in Auvergne during your holidays in France, enjoy the volcanoes from the very top.

Biking: Un itinéraire à vélo, mélangeant sport et culture, avec la découverte du savoir-faire local . Pour découvrir davantage d’itinéraires n’hésitez pas à découvrir le site internet du département


our territory has many outstanding fishing spots to be visited, including open-water or closed-water areas. Many guides can lead you to secret and unique places to practice.


Swimming: Auvergne has many chilling and swimming areas around the hotel, here is a selection:

  1. Val Dore loisirs Ambert: the surroundings of the natural bathing lake are well equipped and propose many hobbies (e-boats, water inflatable structures, skate park).
  2. Le Vernet-Chaméane: the 3-acre lake in Vernet-la-Varenne is equipped with sports training fields (tennis, volley, …), snaks are sold during the summer and canoe can be rented.
  3. The lake in Saint-Anthème is surrounded by a sand and grass beach. Supervised swimming is proposed (non-free), pedal boats and canoe-kayak can be rented. A biking track is located near the lake.
  4. Chambon-sur-Lac: the volcanic activity created this Pavillon Bleu awarded lake. Many activities are possible with canoe and pedal boats rent, besides playgrounds for kids: the ideal place to share a picnic with family!


Natural reserves:

discover unique natural reserves, with landscapes ranging from a western movie décor in the Valley of the Saints (Boudes) to incredible mountains in the Forez with an outstanding blooming flora (like carnivorous plants such as the Grassette).