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A tasteful and authentic cuisine – Our philosophy at the La Clairière Hotel-Restaurant

For five generations, La Clairière restaurant has built its own culinary story, both passion and cooking style are encapsulated in our signature dish “The Frog’s legs”. By visiting our restaurant, you will discover different unlimited frog’s legs menus. By subtly combining the respect for fresh produces with creative and authentic recipes, the young staff that composes our cuisine team renews the restaurant menu three times a year. The chefs emphasize food made from the freshest ingredients available and originated in the neighbourhood of the hotel.

The cuisine illustrates the uncommon mix between our deep local roots (Auvergne flavours) and modernity, all the yearlong, living by the seasons. Our philosophy and way of working with close surroundings was rewarded with the Maître Restaurateur title, that guarantees a cuisine based on farm-fresh and well selected ingredients.


Every year, La Clairière hosts many groups and events in its two restaurant rooms. Please contact us to get more details about prices, meals and other offers dedicated to groups (wedding, anniversary, baptism…).